IFBB Bikini Pros List 2012

I found myself pondering the numbers of IFBB Bikini Pros since the inception of the division, and decided to tally up the competitors who won IFBB Pro Status in the Bikini division. The lists which I have compiled do NOT include competitors who went pro in another division and crossed over, nor does it factor in the competitors who were awarded IFBB Pro Status through petition.

54 Ladies won their IFBB Pro Cards at NPC/IFBB events in the Bikini Division in 2012:

Ruth Harrsion
Janelle Saitone-McGuire
Jennifer Elliot
Vida Guera
Lacey Deluca Lieto
Pollianna Moss
Adriana Hill
Brittney Young
Heather Gonyea
Deborah Lee
Michon Leddy
Lynn Sambuco
Kerri Hayes
Kalyn Link
Amy Allen
Aly Garcia
Francesca Yumul
Angela Skeels
Ashley Wade
Crystal Green
Desiree Niemann
Candice Conroy
Joy Grajo
Francine Slobodnik
Jennifer Hohnbaum
Betheny Jordan
Sandi Forsythe
Kelsie Burgin
Courtney King
Ashley Cronley
Nicole Witbeck
Sarah LeBlanc
Marisol Lara
Michelle Ray
Cassandra Dubois
Noy Alexander
Adrienne Crenshaw
Joyce Dabuet
Maureen Dougherty
Monique Gantt
Bianca Berry
Ashley Kaltwasser
Amanda Otero
Alexis Burke
Melissa Sayles
Aniedra Lynn
Sarah Oldakowski
Jessica Renee
Diana Harbort
Sabrina Nicole
Maria Annunziata
Gigi Amurao
Rachelle DeJean
Iveth Carreon
Danielle Carr

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