What Are You Waiting For?

While working at a recent bodybuilding event, I had a very interesting conversation with one of the attendees. He was a 42 year old man who revealed to me that he had a couple of health concerns, and who very clearly stated that he wanted to be healthy for his sons (one son was about 10, and the other was about 13). He had a habit of eating fast food daily, and he never exercised because he figured that he was at a normal weight and didn’t need to work out.

He told me that he was so busy with work and with taking the boys to all their practice sessions that there was no time right now to train or to clean up his eating habits. He went on to say that he figured he would wait until the boys were older before he got into an exercise program and cleaned up his diet.

I very nicely told him to make every effort to fit in 10 or 15 minutes of intense plyometric or calisthenics work each day, between work and carting the boys around for their soccer and baseball practice sessions, but deep inside I was incredibly frustrated. I even told him that if he indeed waited a few years until the boys were older, major disease processes like diabetes or high blood pressure could emerge and put him in a dangerous health situation. However, I could tell that my words fell on deaf ears, and that this man would not take any steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

I honestly and truly believe that when it comes to anything in life, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If someone truly wants to positively impact his or her health, then steps can be taken immediately to develop a consistent regimen. There have been plenty of people who have made excuses and lived in denial, who were suddenly stricken by stroke or heart attack. Once a major event like that occurs, assuming someone survives it, there’s a big wake-up call and the person is forced to make the changes he or she didn’t want to make years ago.

Why wait?


“How Come You Still Work Out?”

Last month, I ran into a fellow aerial arts classmate whom I hadn’t seen for a while. She and I engaged in pleasant chat for a couple of minutes, and she revealed to me that she had to take some time off from aerial due to adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). I told her that the rest would serve her well, and that if she did gentle stretching and range of motion work, that she would be able to ease back into aerial before too long.

Then she asked me if I was still lifting weights at the gym, to which I replied that I was indeed still lifting 5 to 6 days per week. She reacted with surprise and stated, “Why do you still work out at the gym when you don’t compete anymore? I don’t understand! You don’t need to exercise at the gym!” It was so strange for me to hear her reaction, because she had just finished telling me about her desire to return to a form of exercise which she loved. Well, I too love lifting weights. I work out because I love it. I train with weights to maintain bone density and muscle mass. I lift so that I can have escape from the stressors in my life. And though I don’t do the crazy double workouts I used to perform right before an event, I still faithfully show up to the gym five to six days per week, every week.

Working out at the gym isn’t something I do to achieve a certain goal, but rather, to maintain what I already have, to combat the aging process, and to provide ME time. I’ve lifted weights for THIRTY YEARS and I will not stop until I am six feet under. In addition to weightlifting, my love of aerial arts isn’t likely to dissipate anytime soon either.

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My Website Has Been Revamped and Updated!

Hey folks! My main website, https://www.staceynaito.com/, has a new look and greater functionality for 2017. Three of my websites were consolidated into a fantastic main site which enables you to navigate through Fitness and Nutrition Plans, Contest Prep Services, Fitness Products for sale through affiliates, Hormone Balance Consultations, Autographed 8×10’s, a Gallery full of updated professional images, Bio, and my Blog.

Check it out!