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I have been accused of being an overachiever.  Becoming a board-certified family practice physician might be enough for other people but that punctuated my life after I had done so many things.  I was always an artist, drawing and painting.  So it made sense for me to dabble in fashion design and science illustration.  It has also made sense for me to become proficient in injecting fillers into patients’ faces since it is akin to sculpting.

I have also modeled my entire life, toyed with acting, and was placed in front of a TV camera more than the average young girl.  I have worked as a fitness trainer for longer than I care to mention and have been passionate about proper nutrition and optimal fitness my entire adult life.  I have been an optometric technician, a beauty pageant queen, and a personal assistant to a stand-up comic.  But the most recent and perhaps most profound shift occurred when I began competing in the NPC Bikini Division.  Why?  Because it took so many elements from my life and merged them:  my love of fitness, medicine, the limelight, modeling, and my desire to inspire people to feel and look their best became entwined instead of floating independently of one another.  Much to my surprise, instead of competing at one contest and checking the experience off my bucket list, I fell in love with the transformative aspects of competing and ended up competing in 21 contests as an amateur, culminating in winning my IFBB Pro Card in July of 2013.

I have competed as a Pro and still love the stage, but my goals are now global and deeply entwined with my desire to help, inspire, motivate and empower others.  There is a lot on my plate with the things that I do!  I work as a physician, certified nutrition coach, body transformation coach, fitness trainer, model, writer, researcher, and sponsored athlete.  Life is never boring!

Don’t be surprised if you see many different topics on this blog.  I intend to keep zig-zagging so that the energy keeps flowing organically.

9 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Hi
        1. How can I get that sushi costume for my 1 year old niece?
        2. My doctor doesn’t look like you !!!


  1. Hi, is your vitamin C serum recipe for just one application or does it last for a week or so. It just seems that there is only a small amount of each ingredient and it would require quite a few drops to cover your face and neck area. Also do you have any recipes to get rid of dark circles under the eyes? Thankyou


  2. Hello there Dr Stacy, its your friend John from Iowa via Linkedin, hope all is well with you, I can’t get over how awesomely stunningly gorgeous you are, you’ve the prettiest hair and eyes, a dazzling smile, a jaw dropping figure highlighted by thee most perfectly awesome set of breasts on a lady and a wonderful personality, absolutely thee total package Dr Stacy, take care


  3. Hey!

    I am a record producer from Miami who just finished a song for the new artist Verhel ( pronounced like Girl ). When it came time to do a music video for this song, I wanted something sexy, evocative and exciting, so I went to the areal community to put together a routine that would match the beauty and frustration associated with the song. Silvia Grosso at Milan Pole dance Miami choreographed the piece and we shot the video entirely at her studio. I wanted to share it with you and your community as bringing popular awareness to areal dance is important to us.

    I hope you and your community will enjoy the video and please let me know if we can help each other boost the awareness and benefit of areal dance and fitness. Thanks!


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