Links To All Of My RxGirl Articles!

I was honored to write 25 articles for RxGirl over the past three years!

Get The Best Skin Ever Part 1: Lifestyle Adjustments

Easy Hairstyles For The Stage

Waxing Or Threading?

Should You Do A Cleanse Or Detox?


How To Beat Down Excuses That Derail You From Your Fitness Goals

The Ultimate Competition Packing List

Celiac Disease: A Blessing In Disguise For Competitors?

Weightlifting Safely While Pregnant

Eating For Two: Nutrition For Competitors During Pregnancy

Selecting The Right Suit Cut For Your Body

Ignore The Haters!

How To Choose Your Next Show

Maintaining Focus In The Midst Of Chaos

Common Diet Myths

Hormone Roller Coaster

The links below have an issue with white text on white background and thus cannot be read unless you highlight the entire body of the article. I will also re-post every article I wrote for RxGirl in future blog posts here, so stay tuned for those posts!

Posing Essentials For NPC Figure And Bikini Divisions

Help! My Face Is Falling

Supplements Women Need

Emotional Eating

Competing On A Budget

How To Bling Out Your Own Suit

Booty-Building Superset Routine

Perfect Stage Makeup

Excusitis And How To Banish It

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