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It has been an honor and a blessing to write articles for! I have written 44 articles between April 2011 and December 2014. Check all of them out via the links which I have provided here:

What Do You Bring To The Table? Know Your Worth

Are You A Sponsored Athlete Or An Unpaid Salesperson?

The If-It-Fits-Your-Macros Trend

Supplements You Should Be Taking Based On Your Age

Of Crossfit Boxes And Boxy Midsections

Misconceptions About The Men’s Physique Division

Creatine-Rich Foods Or Creatine Supplements?

Worth Your Weight In Salt: Why Some Dietary Salt Is Good

One Step Forward Two Steps Back: Fighting Muscle Loss As You Age

Sleep Deficit And Muscle Loss

What To Do After You Have Slayed The Dragon

How To Avoid Post-Contest Rebound

Social Media: A Double-Edged Sword

Fit For Stage: There Is A Difference

Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes

That Ever-Elusive Pro Card

Natural Libido Enhancers

The Incredible Edible…

The Many Benefits Of Cinnamon

What Is 7-Keto?

The Importance Of Digestive Enzymes

Fenugreek Enhances Performance

Why Zinc Is So Important

Why You Should Add Curcumin To Your Diet

Should You Block Cortisol Production?

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Protein Denaturing And What It Means For You

Collagen Controversy: Is This Protein For You?

Should You Be Afraid Of Water Bottles And Cans?

What To Bring To Your First National Show Besides Your Physique

The Fledgling

To The New Model On The Block

Picture Perfect With The Ladies: How To Model With A Female

Selecting Board Shorts For The Stage

Why You Should Build A Show Strategy

Dry Skin Is Not Sexy

Shaving Basics

Ingrown Hairs – Ouch!

Taming Of The Brow

Holding Onto That Faux Bronzed Glow

How To Remove Self-Tanner After A Shoot Or Show

The Hair Issue: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

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