IFBB Bikini Pros List 2014

I found myself pondering the numbers of IFBB Bikini Pros since the inception of the division, and decided to tally up the competitors who won IFBB Pro Status in the Bikini division. The lists which I have compiled do NOT include competitors who went pro in another division and crossed over, nor does it factor in the competitors who were awarded IFBB Pro Status through petition.

79 Ladies won their IFBB Pro Cards at NPC/IFBB events in the Bikini Division in 2014:

Lauren Hoskins
Queenie Benito
Whitney Wiser
Brittany Taylor
Angelika Perez
Ashlee Adams
Meghan Duncan
Kenea Yancey
Tanya Rachan
Brynn Gonzales
Andreanna Calhoun
Brianna Krause
Lea Beaumont
Angela Okon
Laurin Conlin
Chassidy Smothers
Jaclyn Strell
Jennifer Ronzitti
Kristina Olson
Cristina Ortiz
Kate Abate
Melissa Brizic
Ruby Perey
Cristy Zevely
Jennifer Friedrichs
Rosie Gavilanes
Barbie Delgado
Jennifer Peoples
Kelly Jean Bornstein
Emma Fernandez
Ha Nguyen
Nicole Ankney
Kim Estess
Kristen Moffett
Enjoli Enriquez
Ashlee Rhodes
Christie Cash
Breena Martinez
Michele Messina
Jamie Del Angel
Candice Perfect
Ruth Jean
Jamie Adams
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Gutierrez
Candice Chamberland
Jessica Lyda
Michelle Silva
Jessica Pimentel
Yvette Garcia
Joana Tesareski
Sarah Brown
Joni Ortiz
Catherine Radulic
Jeri Rease
Harriet Davis
Colleen Garman
Lovey Paiva
Michelle Ackerman
Jazmeen Hernandez
Ivory Crofoot
Alexandra Roane
Mariana Fernandes
Taylor Anderson
Cat Textoris
Susan Waters
Annie Parker
Angel Denman
Theresa Orsini
Nina Cash
Karen Brunette
Magdalena Coffman
Nana Kim
Andrea Beam
Sheiryll Ray
Bethany Transue
Nicole Markovic
Casey Samsel
Shandy Ortiz

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