So Happy To Bupsessed With Yup Brands!

I ADORE this company! Yup Brands makes the VERY BEST PROTEIN BARS, HANDS DOWN!!! I am honored to be featured as one of their Bupsessed Athletes, because I have truly been obsessed with B-Up Bars and B-Jammin’ Bars since September of 2014! Yup Brands dares to make their bars different and more nutritionally sound by using a higher grade of prebiotic vegetable fiber, and only uses natural ingredients and sweeteners. I love the fact that you can eat their bars and enjoy the real flavor of the ingredients, as opposed to the obvious chemical taste that many high protein bars have. The bars are moist and chewy, and absolutely delicious!

Please click on the links below to read my feature, as well as the features on the other nine amazing athletes! This is a dynamic, diverse, motivated group of people, and I am so happy to keep company with such an incredible team!

Stacey Naito

As always, if you want to try these amazing bars, you can go to to order and have them shipped to you! Shipping is FREE and the prices are great! Though ALL the flavors are delicious, my personal favorites are the peanut butter varieties because I am a peanut butter fanatic.

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