IFBB Bikini Pros List 2009

I found myself pondering the numbers of IFBB Bikini Pros since the inception of the division, and decided to tally up the competitors who won IFBB Pro Status in the Bikini division. The lists which I have compiled do NOT include competitors who went pro in another division and crossed over, nor does it factor in the competitors who were awarded IFBB Pro Status through petition.

36 Ladies won their IFBB Pro Cards at NPC/IFBB events in the Bikini Division in 2009:

Kristal Marshall
Amanda Latona
Monique Minton
Marzia Prince
Shelsea Montes
Sonya Vecchiarelli
Stacey Oster-Thompson
Michelle Gullett
Missy Coles
Amanda Procida
Jennifer Celeste
Janet Harding
Jessica Anderson
Leigh Lingham
Shay Monroe
Kat Holmes
Dianna Dahlgren
Tianna Ta
Jamie Baird
Alea Suarez
Michele D’Angona
Dayna Maleton
Jessica Lawrence
Natalie Pennington
Kira Rivera
Khanh Nguyen
Janet Harding
Erica Reder
Melinda Jamiszewski
Trina Goosby
Angela Harrell
Jennifer Dietrick
Julie Costa
Chrisie Marquez
Stefanie Lindsey
Tabitha Klausen

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