I was recently introduced to a company called Nuzest, which is committed to developing nutritional products which optimize people’s diets and put them on the right track to feeling their best.

The Clean Lean Protein is pea protein-based, allergen free, and a complete protein. It mixes beautifully, tastes great, and is highly digestible and absorbable, which sets it apart from the majority of proteins out there. Another outstanding feature of the Clean Lean Protein is the fact that it is one of the few alkaline proteins on the market, with a pH of 7.8. It’s paleo friendly too.

If you are looking for a top-notch plant-based protein, look no further than Clean Lean Protein!

Nuzest also has a greens product called Good Green Stuff which features over 75 ingredients for comprehensive nutritional support.

Go to to order these great products, and be on the lookout for my video review of Clean Lean Protein on YouTube later this month!

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