When Your Booty Keeps Trailing Behind You

Saggy butt

Have you been dealing with a stubbornly saggy rump which refuses to respond to all of your exercise efforts? Many of us have to constantly deal with the threat of no-ass-at-all, and we have our genetic ancestors largely to thank for that struggle. Since I am 50% Japanese, I am not exactly naturally blessed with the type of posterior which someone can rest a drink on, and if I don’t aggressively fight it through targeted exercise, I am sure that my booty would closely resemble what my flat-bummed predecessors had.

If you truly want to lift up that sad mound of flesh that you sit upon, you need to commit to a consistent booty shaping program. Compound moves like deep barbell squats or heavy barbell deadlifts can really round out the gluteal region and make it pop, but if you have low back issues, chances are that heavy squats are difficult to perform. That’s when focused, more isolated moves can come to the rescue.

Try to hit the glutes THREE days per week, with a day in between each session. The glutes tend to respond well to volume training, which is why I generally recommend many different moves in one session. Here is a modified glute day for a client who cannot do barbell squats:

Bodyweight squats for warm-up 3×30
Walking lunges 5×20,18,15,12,20
Hip thruster pulses (small range of motion at top of movement) on leg extension machine 5×20,18,15,12,20
One-legged dumbbell deadlifts 5×20,18,15,12,20
Prone leg curls 5×20,18,15,12,20
cable kickbacks kicking out to side at a 30 degree angle 5×15
cable bent leg donkey kicks 5×15
butt blaster 5×20,18,15,12,20

If you follow this routine three days per week and work out with intensity, your tush should look rounder and more gravity-defying after 3-4 weeks.

B-House purple

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