Training For Life – REPOST

White and Red Noel

I think this article is worth reposting, because I have been asked recently by a number of people what I am training for. Though I am not training for an IFBB Pro Bikini contest right now, I am ALWAYS training. I honestly do train for life! Read on to see what I discussed in my original post.

Over the past few weeks I have heard a few competitors state that they plan to completely stop weight training for a few weeks because they are burnt out on prepping for competitions. While I agree that taking some time off can be a good thing, taking several weeks off seems like complete madness to me. Though I get a kick out of people who have this on-again, off-again attitude with respect to training, I am more disturbed than amused by such an attitude because it is in stark opposition to my attitude towards training.

My attitude towards training stems from the fact that I train for life, not for the stage per se. I increase the number of workouts before a big contest, but I never hang up my training hat for more than a couple of days at a time. Why? Because I truly love training, and I strive to remain consistent with my conditioning. I also ensure that I will be shoot ready whenever the need arises. I have had last minute calls to shoot and never have to worry that I will not be camera worthy.

It blows my mind how many people have asked me if I plan to stop training now that I have earned my IFBB Pro Card. I didn’t train hard to get my Pro Card just so I could let it all go to mush! If anything, I have even more reason to uphold the level of conditioning which has taken years for me to achieve. You won’t see me avoiding the gym or eating tons of bad foods, because I have every intention of honoring the status I have earned. It’s back to the gym for me!


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