Holding Onto That Faux Bronzed Glow


Original post was published on mensphysique.com on Monday, 23 May 2011

So you’ve been spray tanned and your skin now resembles a piece of mahogany furniture. It’s time to get into the car or back to your hotel room and avoid contact with water lest you melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West.

It can be quite a task remembering not to sweat, get wet or have any restroom mishaps. Below I have provided a general guide to preserve that impeccable color until contest time.

1. Make sure to wear LOOSE clothing without elastic or tight necklines. The general rule is to wear drawstring pants and button down shirts, preferably in a soft cotton flannel material. The greater the surface area of skin covered, the better. It is better to go commando than to try to put on underwear, otherwise you may get smudges and lines from the elastic in your skivvies.

2. Avoid slinging bags over your shoulder. Instead, carry them in your hand by the handles, or better yet, use a roller bag.

3. If you are driving and it is a hot or humid day, turn on the air conditioning and let it run for a couple of minutes BEFORE you sit in the vehicle. Once in the vehicle, fasten the seatbelt loosely so that it doesn’t leave a strap mark across your chest.

4. Try to avoid sweating as much as possible, as sweat marks are trickier to fix than water marks. Sleep with the air conditioning on or point a fan at your bed to keep cool.

5. Do not apply antiperspirant/deodorant once you’ve been sprayed! The aluminum in the product will react with the self-tanner, turning your underarms green. Trust me, it’s not an attractive look. If you are really suffering from body odor, take a body spray and very lightly mist your underarms from at least a 12 inch distance.

6. Water is the enemy. Believe it! You need to avoid sprinklers, rain, sink basins, etc. Try to avoid automatic flushing toilets whenever possible. Be prepared for rainy weather no matter where you are – this means packing closed-toe shoes and an umbrella.

7. Though breast folds are more of an issue for women, men can also sweat in the inferior pectoral area, so be especially aware of sweating in that area and try to keep it as dry as possible.

8. Be careful using the restroom!

9. Do not engage in strenuous exercise or sexual activity until after the final show. Most people think they are being careful when they hit it, then end up frustrating and amusing their spray tanners when they come in for touchups. Unless you want to start all over again with tanning and end up upsetting the tanners, put your libido on the back burner!

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