Here Are The 2016 Liquid Sun Rayz Sponsored Athletes!


I am BEYOND thrilled to be chosen as one of the Liquid Sun Rayz Sponsored Athletes for 2016!

This company is the very best in the industry! You can count on perfect color which is applied professionally by the NICEST people on the planet! Liquid Sun Rayz also sells an entire line of skin care products which optimize competition color and regular spray tans. They have a line of beautiful and affordable jewelry for female competitors, and they also have a Beauty Team which provides fantastic makeup application and hair styling. The people who work with Liquid Sun Rayz are like family to me, and I am honored and blessed to be affiliated with them!

Please click on the link below to see who made it into the 2016 Team. Please also LIKE the Liquid Sun Rayz page so you can get all of their updates!

Holding Onto That Faux Bronzed Glow

Original post was published on on Monday, 23 May 2011

So you’ve been spray tanned and your skin now resembles a piece of mahogany furniture. It’s time to get into the car or back to your hotel room and avoid contact with water lest you melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West.

It can be quite a task remembering not to sweat, get wet or have any restroom mishaps. Below I have provided a general guide to preserve that impeccable color until contest time.

1. Make sure to wear LOOSE clothing without elastic or tight necklines. The general rule is to wear drawstring pants and button down shirts, preferably in a soft cotton flannel material. The greater the surface area of skin covered, the better. It is better to go commando than to try to put on underwear, otherwise you may get smudges and lines from the elastic in your skivvies.

2. Avoid slinging bags over your shoulder. Instead, carry them in your hand by the handles, or better yet, use a roller bag.

3. If you are driving and it is a hot or humid day, turn on the air conditioning and let it run for a couple of minutes BEFORE you sit in the vehicle. Once in the vehicle, fasten the seatbelt loosely so that it doesn’t leave a strap mark across your chest.

4. Try to avoid sweating as much as possible, as sweat marks are trickier to fix than water marks. Sleep with the air conditioning on or point a fan at your bed to keep cool.

5. Do not apply antiperspirant/deodorant once you’ve been sprayed! The aluminum in the product will react with the self-tanner, turning your underarms green. Trust me, it’s not an attractive look. If you are really suffering from body odor, take a body spray and very lightly mist your underarms from at least a 12 inch distance.

6. Water is the enemy. Believe it! You need to avoid sprinklers, rain, sink basins, etc. Try to avoid automatic flushing toilets whenever possible. Be prepared for rainy weather no matter where you are – this means packing closed-toe shoes and an umbrella.

7. Though breast folds are more of an issue for women, men can also sweat in the inferior pectoral area, so be especially aware of sweating in that area and try to keep it as dry as possible.

8. Be careful using the restroom!

9. Do not engage in strenuous exercise or sexual activity until after the final show. Most people think they are being careful when they hit it, then end up frustrating and amusing their spray tanners when they come in for touchups. Unless you want to start all over again with tanning and end up upsetting the tanners, put your libido on the back burner!

How To Remove Self-Tanner After A Shoot Or Show

Originally published on on Monday, 23 May 2011

Many competitors and models ask me how to best remove self-tanner. Perhaps they must be re-sprayed for another show or shoot, or they are tired of the blotchy manner in which the self-tanner is wearing off and would rather remove it completely. The most effective means I have found to remove self-tanner of any type (Mystic, Jan Tana, Pro Tan, LiquidSunRayz) is a method that Trae Kidd passed onto me last year.

You will need a terry washcloth, a bar of soap (this doesn’t work with liquid soap), and about ½ cup to 1 cup of baking soda. Wet the washcloth and suds up the bar of soap to create a nice lather. Then sprinkle about a tablespoon or so of baking soda onto the washcloth, work it into the terry a bit, then start scrubbing your body with this mixture. Pay special attention to the back of the neck, the underarms and wings of the lats, crosscuts on the abs, elbows, gluteal folds, fronts and backs of knees, ankles and feet. You will definitely need to repeat this sudsing technique on the washcloth, adding more soap and baking soda each time.

With this method I usually manage to remove a good 80% or more of the product with one washing. This method also serves as a decent prep for the next spray tan since it is an effective exfoliator.

Why I Love Attending Olympia Every Year


My non-fitness friends don’t see why I get excited about attending Olympia every year. They say that it looks like the same old thing every year, and to a certain extent it is. But there is something so powerful about getting bodybuilding greats to descend upon Las Vegas that I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. The energy in the Expo Hall is incredible, and with so many of the world’s top competitors there to compete, I pick up on that buzz and enjoy it immensely. When I attend Olympia, I bump into so many friends in the industry that it serves as a regular reunion. This year in particular is a milestone because it marks FIFTY years of Olympia. This year’s Olympia will be televised, hopefully generating more interest from the mainstream and portraying bodybuilding in a favorable light.

From Olympia 2012

From Olympia 2012

I think I maintain a certain balance and guard against boredom at the Olympia by working a booth each year. I have been extremely fortunate to work with wonderful companies, representing great products, and I never run the risk of sensory overload that sometimes hits spectators who go up and down the aisles endlessly. I am happy to stay within the confines of my booth, handing out product and talking to fans, friends and attendees. One disadvantage is that I rarely get enough time to explore the Expo and have to plan out which booths I need to visit during my lunch break on each day, but the list has gotten smaller over time as a result of my more established name and a different objective for visiting the booths. I used to visit booths to get myself on the fitness map, but now I visit booths to see friends and conduct meetings, so I am much more focused.

The noise in the Expo hall can be deafening at times, but I love it because it is reflective of the energy that builds up. People in the industry are very bold about showing their excitement and passion. There is no restraint at the O! At the end of each Expo day, my feet are sore, my legs are tired, my forearms are cut up from the magazines I pass out to people, and my voice is hoarse, but I absolutely love it. You better believe I will be back at the O next year and for many years to come.

Super Bowl GoDaddy Commercial 2014 (Yes, I am in it!)

Though I am only seen towards the end as a split second flash of hot pink shorts and swinging long hair, I made it into this commercial! As we are running towards the Spray Tan shop, I can be seen at the bottom left of the frame at the 24 second mark. Though I hate the color pink with a passion, I am actually glad I am wearing that color, so that I can easily be spotted in that split second. Too funny!

Why Liquid Sun Rayz is the BEST Competition Color Around

LSRAfter competing in the NPC for a number of years I have tried ALL the major brands of competition spray tanning products and have certainly formulated opinions regarding each brand. I remember the first time I had Liquid Sun Rayz (LSR) applied and was mesmerized by the deep mahogany tone of the product. It was more believable than other brands and looked incredible onstage. Yet I found myself in geographic regions which featured other products, so I was often forced to use other products with results that never impressed me in the same way that LSR did. Whenever a competitor asks me what color I recommend, I always say LSR because I know it will always look outstanding onstage. The formula works well on pale skin tones and looks beautiful on the darker skin tones as well. You will NEVER look orange, yellow or green onstage with LSR. The formula also adheres beautifully to the skin and the DHA imparts a very deep color after several hours.

Another very important reason why I love LSR so much is that Marilyn Spatola has established a tremendous business which truly celebrates the athlete. The LSR team is very organized and adheres well to their spray schedule. I have heard horror stories about competitors choosing other spraying services and waiting for hours past their appointment times or not getting sprayed at all. Marilyn and her spray team are respectful, professional, caring and efficient. I never worry about whether my tan will look good for a contest because I know that LSR will make sure that my color (and everyone else’s) looks perfect.

I am so very excited to be one of the LSR Sponsored Athletes and look forward to LSR’s continued successes!

I Am An Official Sponsored Athlete With Liquid Sun Rayz!


-Ann Titone IFBB
-Monica Specking IFBB
-Andrea Cantone IFBB
-Kiana Phi IFBB
-Cheryl Brown IFBB
-Shawn Hector Lewis NPC
-Jennie Grey NPC
-Hyla Conrad NPC

-Kim McGuire NPC

-Nola Trimble IFBB
-Tracey Bodner IFBB
-Jennifer Robinson IFBB
-Dana Linn Bailey IFBB

-Ashley Kaltwasser IFBB
-Sandi Forsythe IFBB
-Sabrina Nicole Griffin IFBB
-Christina Liberatore IFBB
-Francesca Yumul IFBB
-Stacey Naito NPC
-Toney Freeman
-Troy Alves
-Juan Morel
-Steve Kuclo
-Justin Compton
-Yano Garcia
-Mike Liberatore
-Blake Williams

-Ian Lauer
-Alberto Umana

MEN’S 212
-Tricky Jackson
-Derik Farnsworth
-Stan McQuay

In addition, LSR is the official tanning product for Species Nutrition Athletes! CONGRATS to all of our winners and a big thank you to each competitor that applied! We are so very proud of each of you and your accomplishments!