Taming Of The Brow


Original post published on mensphysique.com on Thursday, 02 June 2011
You may have heard that brows work like frames for the face, accentuating the eyes and helping to provide balance to facial features. So when I see a man who has brows which are so bushy that they overpower his features, I feel compelled to pull out some scissors and a tweezer and get to work. Of course the worst is the dreaded unibrow which can inspire fear in any attractive female.

My point is, pay attention to your brows! When you go up on stage, you want to make sure every part of you looks the best it can. If you are unsure about how to tweeze or shape your brows, go to a professional. Attending to this seemingly small detail can make an enormous difference in how you are received.

If you insist on trimming your brows yourself, make sure to use your natural brow shape as a guide, trimming any hairs which extend beyond this shape. Plucking those hairs in the center is a MUST as well.

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