Nice On The Outside

Have you ever known someone who has a “nice on the outside” veneer which, when pulled away, reveals the ugliest, most opportunistic individual around? I’m sure you have had this type of personality darken your door, making you wonder what you ever did to warrant such a display of true colors.

I was recently completely blown away by an individual who chose to finally reveal his hideous interior. He did it through insulting me in the cruelest of ways, which at first stunned me, but then just made me chuckle in amazement. This pompous prick inferred that I needed him somehow, and his delusional thinking fueled him into puffing out his chest and proclaiming how important he was in his industry. The funny thing is, though he has had a moderate amount of success in a niche industry, he is basically a fish of moderate size in a rather small pond. I don’t swim in that pond anymore either.

It was truly bizarre to see what a complete narcissist this guy was, because for years I only saw the put-on, phony “playing nice” front he displayed at events. The conflict arose from the fact that he didn’t honor his own promises from three years ago, and because I called him out on it, he became ugly and rude.

I have news for him…I am swimming into a wide ocean and overtaking it.


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