Who’s Going To Nationals? Ravish Sands Suit For Sale!

I have an absolutely GORGEOUS gold/yellow Ravish Sands competition bikini up for sale. The reason why I am selling this suit is because I just don’t need three suits. I will never get rid of the tangerine suit in which I won my Pro Card, and I have one other suit I am hanging onto, but which I may sell as well, since I think my competing days may be over. This suit is in excellent condition, and has only been worn at two Pro contests.

The top can fit a small D cup, but I think a B or C cup would be better for this suit. The bottoms fit a 34 inch hip measurement. For reference, I am 5’5″, 119 pounds. The top and the front of the suit bottoms feature dense crystallization with Swarovski bubble crystals in gold, which looks amazing onstage! Originally paid $500 for this beauty.

PRICE: $275
(Does not include shipping)

Please message me if you are interested. This would look STUNNING on the National stage!

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