Set A Contest Date And Stick To It!

Shut up and do it

I am writing this blog post in honor of those of you who have a tendency to constantly change your proposed competition date. I am not talking about situations in which your coach advises you to select a different contest as a means to give you sufficient time to be in proper condition. Instead, I am talking about competitors (new or seasoned) who keep changing proposed contest dates for a multitude of reasons, and end up frustrating coaches, friends and family as a result. Sometimes the reason for pushing back plans to compete may be solely financial, which is understandable since competition expenses can be quite high, especially for national level amateur NPC events and international IFBB Pro events. However, some people fall into a dangerous and self-sabotaging habit of pushing contest dates back because they are anxious and afraid of stepping onstage. This fear of competing is often accompanied by self-sabotaging behavior which includes eating too many mini-cheat and full cheat meals, skipping cardio, and skipping parts of workouts or entire workouts. In my experience as a coach and trainer, I can smell this behavior from a mile away, and always get confirmation when I see progress pictures. Sometimes the competitor is so ashamed of his or her deviation from the prep program that progress pics aren’t taken and sent over to me.

I honestly wish I could completely ignite that flame of INTENTION and DRIVE which is essential for success in competing in every single one of the clients I have worked with, but unfortunately, one or two have slipped through the cracks as a result of their defeatist thoughts and behaviors. Complete focus is critical for success as a competitor. Every dip, blip, obstacle, bad day and negative thought needs to be pushed aside. Watch any competitor who has an eye on the prize at all times, and you will see someone who never gives up, who doesn’t switch from one contest to another as a goal date, and who almost moves like a machine, determined to get things done. The phrase “I CAN’T” doesn’t exist for the successful competitor.

Make a decision to stick to the plan. Don’t deviate. Quit overthinking and analyzing. Get into a groove and stick with it. Be a beast. Be a machine.


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