Royal Sport Ltd. Ultra Clean 100 Whey Protein

From the makers of Cellucor comes Royal Sport Ltd., a sports supplement line which is sold exclusively through GNC. Royal Sport Ltd. has a number of products in their lineup, but the newest product is the Ultra Clean 100 Whey Protein. Ultra Clean 100 is gluten free, and contains NO Yeast, NO Wheat, NO Preservatives, NO Added Sugars, NO Hydrogenated Oil, and NO Artificial Colors, Dyes, or Fillers. One scoop of this clean whey protein delivers 20 grams of protein and 100 calories per scoop. This protein mixes so beautifully well that I have NEVER had an issue with shaking it up in a mixer cup. You will never need to use a blender with this protein!

I have tried all of the flavors and truly love them all. They are:

Chocolate Cupcake – This is a very rich chocolate, and I absolutely love it. All you chocolate fiends out there will be very happy with this flavor!

Cinnamon Bun – I love the subtle hint of cinnamon which comes forth in this flavor. It’s not over the top, but you will definitely be able to taste the cinnamon as you drink this.

Vanilla Cream – This is a great vanilla, very creamy with excellent and true vanilla flavor.

Ice Cream Sandwich – This is my favorite flavor in the lineup. It reminds me exactly of the slow churned, super creamy, almost frothy consistency of the ice cream which is found in a really good, old-fashioned style ice cream sandwich. The mouth feel on this one is outstanding and definitely tricks your palate into believing that this is a decadent, fat laden ice cream shake.

I encourage you to try this fantastic protein!

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