Royal Sport Ltd. Ultra Clean 100 Whey Protein

From the makers of Cellucor comes Royal Sport Ltd., a sports supplement line which is sold exclusively through GNC. Royal Sport Ltd. has a number of products in their lineup, but the newest product is the Ultra Clean 100 Whey Protein. Ultra Clean 100 is gluten free, and contains NO Yeast, NO Wheat, NO Preservatives, NO Added Sugars, NO Hydrogenated Oil, and NO Artificial Colors, Dyes, or Fillers. One scoop of this clean whey protein delivers 20 grams of protein and 100 calories per scoop. This protein mixes so beautifully well that I have NEVER had an issue with shaking it up in a mixer cup. You will never need to use a blender with this protein!

I have tried all of the flavors and truly love them all. They are:

Chocolate Cupcake – This is a very rich chocolate, and I absolutely love it. All you chocolate fiends out there will be very happy with this flavor!

Cinnamon Bun – I love the subtle hint of cinnamon which comes forth in this flavor. It’s not over the top, but you will definitely be able to taste the cinnamon as you drink this.

Vanilla Cream – This is a great vanilla, very creamy with excellent and true vanilla flavor.

Ice Cream Sandwich – This is my favorite flavor in the lineup. It reminds me exactly of the slow churned, super creamy, almost frothy consistency of the ice cream which is found in a really good, old-fashioned style ice cream sandwich. The mouth feel on this one is outstanding and definitely tricks your palate into believing that this is a decadent, fat laden ice cream shake.

I encourage you to try this fantastic protein!

Royal Sport Ltd. Burn Review

RS Burn
Burn is Royal Sport Ltd.’s thermogenic fat burner, but it also has water shedding properties thanks to cranberry, dandelion, and holy basil. This fat burner is more stripped down than others on the market, providing a cleaner option for individuals who still want the effects but with fewer ingredients. Burn contains caffeine anhydrous, bitter orange extract, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, niacinamide, cyanocobalamin, cocoa seed extract, and griffonia. The result is a capsule which provides sustained energy without jitters or increased heart rate.

RS Burn IngredientsI have tried a LOT of fat burners on the market. A few are notorious for producing jitters, dizziness, headaches, or nausea, but some people tolerate them quite well and prefer a wired, zingy effect. Most people, however, prefer to take a fat burner which produces a sustained boost in energy that doesn’t clobber them over the head. The best way to describe the way that Burn makes me feel is to compare it to a very smooth plane takeoff, a flight with zero turbulence, and a smooth landing on the tarmac. Even when I take a second capsule of Burn, I never run the risk of getting the jitters.

All in all, Burn is a great product for providing a boost of energy that is completely manageable and pleasant, along with a great sense of well-being and excellent focus.

Royal Sport Ltd. Target Review

Target is a supplement made by Royal Sport Ltd. which is designed to control appetite and cravings, elevate mood and promote weight loss. It contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry ketones, and Griffonia. It can be stacked with other products in the Royal Sport line for enhanced results. I have only used this product alone, and personally haven’t noticed much in the way of fat loss, but my food cravings are almost completely eliminated, which I hadn’t expected at all. I honestly think that, for me, Target would work best when stacked with other products in the Royal Sport line because my body is just acting stubborn. However, many people have reported amazing results while using Target alone, proving that what works for some people might not work for others.

I love the fact that Target is stimulant free yet offers fat loss and metabolic benefits for people who want to push themselves over the edge and reach their fitness and wellness goals. It’s certainly worth adding Target to a weight loss or fat loss regimen!

One last thing: I ADORE Royal Sport packaging! It’s low key yet distinctive, and it features my favorite color! I love the rubberized lids too.

Royal Sport Ltd. Charge Review

Charge Strawberry Kiwi

I am a big believer in supplementation with branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and silk amino acids (SAA) and have tried many brands out there. I can honestly say that I notice a pronounced difference in my post-workout recovery periods when I use Royal Sport Ltd. Charge BCAA-SAA Blend. Charge delivers 5 grams of SAA’s and 4 grams BCAA’s per scoop, and dissolves beautifully in water. Ever since I began using Charge as my BCAA-SAA, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of delayed onset muscle soreness from my workouts, especially when I engage in extremely intense leg days or delt days (I’m trying to build up my shoulders). I used to wince when walking downstairs the day after pounding legs, but these days, I don’t get that breathtaking soreness. It almost messes with me because I almost welcome that feeling of wobbly, wrecked legs!

What about the flavors? I absolutely love the Raspberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors and could drink them all day without being overpowered by sweetness. I guess I am a bit of an oddball because I don’t want overly sweet flavors, especially when I am consuming something throughout the day. The Raspberry Lemonade flavor has a good balance of raspberry and lemon flavors and is really refreshing when put on ice. I also really like the Strawberry Kiwi flavor but sometimes find that this flavor gets a bit too sweet when I drink it throughout the day, so I just add more water to dilute it a bit and it’s fine. Though I like the Blood Orange flavor, it isn’t my favorite, but that’s just personal preference. I tend to get very tired of orange flavored products very quickly. Case in point: in a rare moment of soda consumption, I chose Orange Fanta Zero, and after about three sips, I was tired of the orange flavor. If you love orange flavor, then you would probably love the Blood Orange, but it’s just okay for me.

Overall, Royal Sport Charge is a superior product with great flavors!

You can find Royal Sport Ltd. products at GNC stores and through

Royal Sport Ltd. Siege Review

Royal Sport Ltd. has a pre-workout formula in its lineup called Siege which features two forms of arginine (nitrate and HCL), citrulline and norvaline to give you a decent pump and power through a workout. I personally get great pumps from this formula and notice a definite difference when I don’t use Siege before I hit the gym. Siege gives an energy boost as well, as a result of the presence of taurine, caffeine anhydrous, bitter orange extract, and rauwolfia. When I compare the boost I get from Siege from the boost I get from other pre-workout formulas, it’s more of a sustained focus as opposed to a sudden rush or buzz. To be honest, I usually don’t like the intense zingy effect because I usually get a headache and stomach upset from those types of formulas. I don’t get a crash, nor do I get the jitters, when I use Siege, so it’s a great way to start my day. Add in an intense workout and I am set!

I love the fact that Siege is creatine free because I am one of those creatine-sensitive types who retains a bit too much water when I supplement with creatine. I respond well to beta-alanine, but I know that many people do not enjoy the tingle which it imparts. Siege contains no beta-alanine, so those of you who are sensitive to that substance will love this pre-workout formula. Most people who lead a fit lifestyle or are trying to get fit will enjoy using this product. The reason why I make this distinction is because I know there are some balls-out, monster lifters who demand the most intense pumps and who actually enjoy being wired from a pre-workout matrix. Honestly, I have seen these guys train and it is intense! That small segment of the population might not be as impressed with Siege.

As for the flavors, I LOVE Blackberry. It has a pretty faithful flavor profile, evocative of the fruit itself, and is refreshing and bright. Raspberry Lemonade is another refreshing flavor with the distinct notes of raspberry and lemon coming through. I also like the Fruit Punch flavor because it isn’t overly sweet or syrupy, and has good balance. Blood Orange is my least favorite flavor, but I am not a huge fan of orange flavoring. If you are a fan of orange flavored items, you would probably love this, but I just don’t turn to it as often as I do the other flavors.

I know people have been griping about the price of this product, but hang in there! The price should calm down over time and become more accessible. Also keep in mind that I will be passing along my Royal Sport Ltd. discount code which will give you a big discount on all products in the line!