Back To The Drawing Board…How I Plan To Sculpt Myself For the Next Contest

glass-female-body-sculptureEvery time I step onstage I am acutely aware of what I bring, and my research on what needs improvement begins the day after the event, during which time I scrutinize my images to determine where to focus. I am CONSTANTLY punishing my gluteal region in an effort to make it as round, high, and tight as I can possibly manage despite my ever advancing age and the ravages of gravity. Unfortunately, my glutes began to deflate a few weeks ago, just in time for me to compete in two back to back events! It was frustrating to say the least.

I have already implemented a new regimen which should serve to plump up my rear view and lift everything up in time for my next competition. Another issue which I now struggle with is increasing deposition of fat in my inner thighs which makes my thighs look thick. This will be addressed with adjustments to my routine so that I can “run down” my legs a bit. Because I have been competing for a while, and because of my background as a trainer and coach, I know what I need to do to get myself dialed in. You had better believe the race is on to see how much I can accomplish and how quickly I can do it! Though I make my own adjustments, I do not recommend this to the average competitor. Invest in the advice and guidance of an experienced, practiced eye that can direct you to specifically correct or improve on weaker areas.

I honestly think it is important to always make a post-contest assessment, even if you get an overall win. You never know who will be at your next contest, so if you have an area which could use even the slightest bit of improvement, or if you need to make an adjustment on posing, suit color, or some other detail, make sure to address those issues in advance.


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