IFBB Men’s Physique Pros List 2012

In keeping with the lists I compiled of all the IFBB Bikini Pros who won their cards onstage within the division, I am providing lists of all the men who won IFBB Pro Status in the Men’s Physique division since its inception in 2011. The lists which I have compiled do NOT include competitors who went pro in another division and crossed over, nor does it factor in the competitors who were awarded IFBB Pro Status through petition.

One of my happiest days on record was when Ian Lauer won his Pro Card. His name is in bold on this list.

49 Men won their IFBB Pro Cards at NPC/IFBB events in the Men’s Physique Division in 2012:

Michael Ferguson
Donta Tanner
David Gonzalez
Anton Antipov
Justin Busiere
Sean Marshall
William Sullivan
Jake Routt
Kevin Perod
Kevin Fabian
David Herskovitz
Brant Larose
Sheridan Hause Jr.
Sadik Hadzovic
Trevor Larson
Scott Lamb
Matt DuBois
Ryan James Fisher
Micah Seyler
Greg Romero
Michael Barnt
Michael Anderson
Sean Harley
Vincent Fiore
Stephen Mass
Russell Waheed
Tory Woodward
Collin Wasiak
Ian Lauer
Keenon LeBlanc
Jonathon Cetera
Corey Hammac
Ken Rawlins
Luke Boehm
Guy Marquardt
Michael Bevins
Shadrack Hendricks
Cory Lagasse
Andrew Giacomin
Steve Mousharbash
Trent Calavan
Jason Poston
Shane Eslahi
Adam Bankston
Chris Mercadel
Robert Grote
Joseph Adaya
Tyler Anderson
Karl Bierman

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