My Five Favorite Booty Building Exercises


There is no doubt that we are in the Age of the Booty, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and J Lo worshipped and admired for their rather prominent rears. The trend is completely supported by social media platforms which are replete with images of gluteal mounds which may be taut, toned, fleshy, round, enormous, or compact.

What if the butt fairy didn’t bless you with round humps, red beans and rice DID miss you, and the ravages of time have made your tush look more like a pancake than two luscious lumps? Here are my five favorite booty building moves to sculpt an admirable tush.

Hip Raises On Bench – This can be done with a weight plate or a barbell balanced across the hips. It can also be done using a Smith Machine and bench.

Another interesting variation is to perform hip raises on a leg extension machine:

Cable Kickbacks

Plie Squats

One Legged Presses On Assisted Dip Machine

Butt Blaster – This can be done on a traditional Butt Blaster machine, a prone leg curl machine, or
(variation: perform glute presses on mat with ankle weights or resistance band if you don’t have machine access)

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