Ironman Magazine January 2014 Hardbody Feature

Hardbody Main Image

Click to access IRONMAN-JAN2014-HARDBODY.PDF

Please read the full article by clicking on the link above. In this article I mention SWAT Fuel 9mm thermogenic fat burner. What I love about this particular fat burner is that I have never, ever gotten the jitters or shakes from it, yet it is extremely effective in giving me great energy and the ability to focus on whatever task I am engaged in, whether it is seeing patients at work, lifting weights at the gym, or writing articles. This product keeps me going on days when I may be at risk of going through an energy slump. I enthusiastically recommend 9mm and 9mm+P (which contains an appetite suppressant) to those of you who want to accelerate fat loss, maintain focus and energy, and avoid the jitters.

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