Come See Me At The SWAT Fuel Booth At The L.A. Fit Expo This Weekend!


It is always an honor to represent SWAT Fuel! Come visit me at their booth this weekend at the Los Angeles Fit Expo. I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday, handing out samples of 9mm Plus P which is a fantastic thermogenic/energy formula/pre-workout formula. We will also have full size products for sale.

For any of you who are interested in signed 8×10’s, I will have those on hand as well. To see the selection I have available, please check out this link:

See you this weekend!

Unstoppable: SWAT Fuel Thermogenic Formulas


As a physician, I have a built-in skepticism when it comes to trying sports supplements, and it takes a lot for a supplement to impress me. So when I say that SWAT Fuel makes two of the very best thermogenic fat burner/preworkout formulas, you can believe that they are pretty exceptional. I have used SWAT Fuel products for two years now,and never once have I had issues with jitters, cutaneous flush or a sudden slump in energy. What I get is a very pleasant, sustained energy boost which enhances my concentration and performance. I feel GREAT when I take 9mm or 9mm+P!

Ironman Magazine January 2014 Hardbody Feature

Hardbody Main Image

Click to access IRONMAN-JAN2014-HARDBODY.PDF

Please read the full article by clicking on the link above. In this article I mention SWAT Fuel 9mm thermogenic fat burner. What I love about this particular fat burner is that I have never, ever gotten the jitters or shakes from it, yet it is extremely effective in giving me great energy and the ability to focus on whatever task I am engaged in, whether it is seeing patients at work, lifting weights at the gym, or writing articles. This product keeps me going on days when I may be at risk of going through an energy slump. I enthusiastically recommend 9mm and 9mm+P (which contains an appetite suppressant) to those of you who want to accelerate fat loss, maintain focus and energy, and avoid the jitters.

Make Your Fitness Goals Tangible With Photos!

Whenever I do initial consultations with weight management patients, I make sure to ask them what their ultimate weight loss goals are.  Invariably my patients will mention a friend or relative who has the type of physique they desire, or they will mention a time in their lives at which they considered their own bodies to be ideal for them.  At the end of the evaluation, I instruct my patients to find at least one picture of that ideal body and post it in a prominent place, either on a desk, bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or car dashboard.  The whole point is to create a visual representation of the patient’s goal so that it becomes more tangible over time.

Lori Harder

When I first began competing in 2009, I quite randomly picked a couple of images of female competitors whom I really admired, printed them, and placed them on my bathroom mirror.  I saw these images daily and was able to visualize my goal on a consistent basis.  I did not remove these images from my mirror until I moved in October of 2012, and when I did so, I moved the images to bulletin boards in our trophy room. By that time, I had collected five First Place national titles, and now regard the two competitors in those photos as peers. I had achieved my goal of attaining a level of fitness and exposure which was right in step with these ladies.

Another tip which I give to weight management patients is to take weekly progress pics so that they can monitor the subtle changes in their bodies over an interval period of time.  What they might not see from week to week can be very dramatic when they compare their baseline photos to photos taken many weeks or months later.  Over time it becomes easier to take these progress pictures.  Getting into the habit of taking photos regularly also works EXTREMELY well for people in the midst of contest prep.  I require my contest prep clients to take weekly progress pictures, which reveal subtle changes week by week and provide information which I can use in order to make changes in a prep plan. To this day I still take weekly progress pictures myself because I know the ritual keeps me on track with my goals.
In summary, there are two things you can do to visualize your goal:



Visualize and make your goal materialize!

FOOTNOTE: If you are looking for a supplement which will boost fat loss, consider trying SWAT Fuel’s 9mm or 9mm+P, both of which deliver sustained energy with no jitters or crash. These thermogenic capsules were formulated with military personnel and law enforcement offers in mind, who must remain razor sharp through long vigils and who must also wield weapons which require precision aim. A case of the jitters in these individuals could be disastrous, so it is reassuring to know that 9mm and 9mm+P deliver on their promise of steady and long lasting energy. The 9mm+P formula contains an appetite suppressant which is extremely effective in halting cravings and preventing overeating. Both of these products are also excellent for anyone who wants more energy, whether it be for a workout or for work.

Royal Sport Ltd. Burn Review

RS Burn
Burn is Royal Sport Ltd.’s thermogenic fat burner, but it also has water shedding properties thanks to cranberry, dandelion, and holy basil. This fat burner is more stripped down than others on the market, providing a cleaner option for individuals who still want the effects but with fewer ingredients. Burn contains caffeine anhydrous, bitter orange extract, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, niacinamide, cyanocobalamin, cocoa seed extract, and griffonia. The result is a capsule which provides sustained energy without jitters or increased heart rate.

RS Burn IngredientsI have tried a LOT of fat burners on the market. A few are notorious for producing jitters, dizziness, headaches, or nausea, but some people tolerate them quite well and prefer a wired, zingy effect. Most people, however, prefer to take a fat burner which produces a sustained boost in energy that doesn’t clobber them over the head. The best way to describe the way that Burn makes me feel is to compare it to a very smooth plane takeoff, a flight with zero turbulence, and a smooth landing on the tarmac. Even when I take a second capsule of Burn, I never run the risk of getting the jitters.

All in all, Burn is a great product for providing a boost of energy that is completely manageable and pleasant, along with a great sense of well-being and excellent focus.