Booty-Building Superset Routine

Originally published on RxGirl on Wednesday, 15 August 2012. The original post was published with white text on white background, so the only way to read it on the site is to highlight the text. To make things easier for everyone, I have copied and pasted the article here for you to read.

Booty Building Superset Routine

NPC Pittsburgh 2012

If I had given into my natural genetic setpoint which gave me a relatively flat booty due to my Japanese ancestry, I would never have transformed my posterior into what it is today. In recent years the quest for a round butt has been one of the most highly coveted physical attributes for women. In keeping with this highly sought goal, I am providing readers with a superset routine which will create the full and curvaceous look which fills out a pair of jeans nicely and turns heads in a good way!

Make sure to move from one exercise within a superset to the next quickly, without rest. Once you have completed a superset, rest for 30 seconds then begin your next superset. Complete all sets in Superset 1, then complete all sets in Superset 2, etc.

Superset 1 –
5 sets of the following:
25 jump squats

20 stiff-legged deadlifts with dumbbells

15 stride jump crossovers How to do: Using a bench or plyo box, place one foot up on bench with that leg almost parallel to floor. Jump explosively over bench, springing off bench and landing with your other foot on the opposite side of the bench. Repeat on other side.

Superset 2 –

5 sets of the following:

15 walking dumbbell lunges

20 Butt Blaster

15 prone leg curls

Superset 3 –

4 sets of the following:

20 one-legged dumbbell deadlifts

20 one-legged cable kickbacks

Superset 4 –

20 one-legged leg press (lying on your side and pushing through your heel)

20 plie dumbbell squats holding dumbbell between legs with wide stance and squatting LOW

12 barbell good mornings


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