Royal Sport Ltd. Charge Review

Charge Strawberry Kiwi

I am a big believer in supplementation with branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and silk amino acids (SAA) and have tried many brands out there. I can honestly say that I notice a pronounced difference in my post-workout recovery periods when I use Royal Sport Ltd. Charge BCAA-SAA Blend. Charge delivers 5 grams of SAA’s and 4 grams BCAA’s per scoop, and dissolves beautifully in water. Ever since I began using Charge as my BCAA-SAA, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of delayed onset muscle soreness from my workouts, especially when I engage in extremely intense leg days or delt days (I’m trying to build up my shoulders). I used to wince when walking downstairs the day after pounding legs, but these days, I don’t get that breathtaking soreness. It almost messes with me because I almost welcome that feeling of wobbly, wrecked legs!

What about the flavors? I absolutely love the Raspberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors and could drink them all day without being overpowered by sweetness. I guess I am a bit of an oddball because I don’t want overly sweet flavors, especially when I am consuming something throughout the day. The Raspberry Lemonade flavor has a good balance of raspberry and lemon flavors and is really refreshing when put on ice. I also really like the Strawberry Kiwi flavor but sometimes find that this flavor gets a bit too sweet when I drink it throughout the day, so I just add more water to dilute it a bit and it’s fine. Though I like the Blood Orange flavor, it isn’t my favorite, but that’s just personal preference. I tend to get very tired of orange flavored products very quickly. Case in point: in a rare moment of soda consumption, I chose Orange Fanta Zero, and after about three sips, I was tired of the orange flavor. If you love orange flavor, then you would probably love the Blood Orange, but it’s just okay for me.

Overall, Royal Sport Charge is a superior product with great flavors!

You can find Royal Sport Ltd. products at GNC stores and through

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