Royal Sport Ltd. Siege Review

Royal Sport Ltd. has a pre-workout formula in its lineup called Siege which features two forms of arginine (nitrate and HCL), citrulline and norvaline to give you a decent pump and power through a workout. I personally get great pumps from this formula and notice a definite difference when I don’t use Siege before I hit the gym. Siege gives an energy boost as well, as a result of the presence of taurine, caffeine anhydrous, bitter orange extract, and rauwolfia. When I compare the boost I get from Siege from the boost I get from other pre-workout formulas, it’s more of a sustained focus as opposed to a sudden rush or buzz. To be honest, I usually don’t like the intense zingy effect because I usually get a headache and stomach upset from those types of formulas. I don’t get a crash, nor do I get the jitters, when I use Siege, so it’s a great way to start my day. Add in an intense workout and I am set!

I love the fact that Siege is creatine free because I am one of those creatine-sensitive types who retains a bit too much water when I supplement with creatine. I respond well to beta-alanine, but I know that many people do not enjoy the tingle which it imparts. Siege contains no beta-alanine, so those of you who are sensitive to that substance will love this pre-workout formula. Most people who lead a fit lifestyle or are trying to get fit will enjoy using this product. The reason why I make this distinction is because I know there are some balls-out, monster lifters who demand the most intense pumps and who actually enjoy being wired from a pre-workout matrix. Honestly, I have seen these guys train and it is intense! That small segment of the population might not be as impressed with Siege.

As for the flavors, I LOVE Blackberry. It has a pretty faithful flavor profile, evocative of the fruit itself, and is refreshing and bright. Raspberry Lemonade is another refreshing flavor with the distinct notes of raspberry and lemon coming through. I also like the Fruit Punch flavor because it isn’t overly sweet or syrupy, and has good balance. Blood Orange is my least favorite flavor, but I am not a huge fan of orange flavoring. If you are a fan of orange flavored items, you would probably love this, but I just don’t turn to it as often as I do the other flavors.

I know people have been griping about the price of this product, but hang in there! The price should calm down over time and become more accessible. Also keep in mind that I will be passing along my Royal Sport Ltd. discount code which will give you a big discount on all products in the line!

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