Too Many Cooks

Adult female with personal trainer at gym.I am getting pretty tired of clients who think they are suddenly fitness authorities, or who think nothing of following the advice of 52 different people on what to do about diet, exercise after signing up for a comprehensive training and meal plan which I customize for them. Honestly, why hire me if you’re just going to follow whatever your whim decides is cool at the moment? I don’t get easily insulted, but it’s more that I put time into customizing plans and don’t appreciate it when a client reads some silly excerpt in Shape magazine and decides that it must be better than my advice because it was in a women’s magazine.

I deal with know-it-all attitudes as a fitness professional and as a physician. Let me be very clear. I have a four year college degree in Exercise Science from a well respected college. I have over twenty years of experience with weight training, and have done contest prep coaching since 2010. I am a professional athlete.

As a physician I have over a decade of experience, am board-certified and fully licensed. Yet I am challenged on a regular basis by people who think that because they looked up something on WebMD that they are suddenly more knowledgeable than I am. In fact I am not sure which bothers me more: the disrespect I get as a doctor, or the disrespect I get as a fitness professional?

The BEST advice I can give to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive plan in fitness, nutrition, or hormone balancing is to pick ONE expert and stick with that person’s knowledge instead of second guessing the individual by throwing other mostly uneducated opinions on what to do. While I give people a lot of credit for knowing their own bodies. I think it is important to remember that contradicting your coach, physician or mentor is a study in animosity that will pitch you in poor stead with that person who is trying to help you.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Cooks

  1. I call these types of people “asKholes” (notice the ‘K’). A term that has several different meanings, but definitely descriptive of those who ask you advice, and do what they want anyway.


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