Green Coffee Bean Extract

You may be wondering what green coffee extract is, especially when the roasted variety has such a characteristic mahogany brown color. “Green” coffee refers to the most pure and raw form of coffee before it is roasted and processed in other ways. When coffee beans are roasted, a powerful chemical called chlorogenic acid is leached out, and it is this chemical which is believed to slow absorption of fat and glucose from foods, resulting in less fat deposition and greater weight loss. Dr. Oz was a major factor in popularizing this supplement, and allegedly conducted his own study using the extract, demonstrating effectiveness in his subjects. There are several studies which have concluded that green coffee extract can have a modest effect on individuals looking to lose weight, even if all other factors (diet, physical activity) remain unchanged.

I am very much a skeptic when it comes to supplements with weight loss claims, but green coffee extract seems to have some validity. I am seeing more thermogenic formulas with green coffee extract as part of the formulation, and feel comfortable recommending it either alone or in combination. The recommended dosage of green coffee extract is 800 milligrams twice daily before meals.

green coffee


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