Incrediwear Is Incredible!

downloadI have spent the last few days experiencing Incrediwear products, and I am blown away by them! The quality is exceptional and the technology is phenomenal. I give this company and its products my complete and enthusiastic endorsement, both as an athlete and as a physician.

Here is a great description of the technology, taken from the Incrediwear website:

Incrediwear Technology

What are anions?
Anions are negatively charged atoms that, when absorbed by the body, stimulates molecular vibration and circulation.

How does our product work?
When the body warms our unique carbonized charcoal and our carbonized charcoal/germanium products, they release anions.

What does this do for me?
Incredibraces and Incredisocks, due to the release of anions, are constantly therapeutic. Infrared anion technology has been used for years at medical clinics to address vascular and circulatory health, and professional athletes have slept in ionized environments since the 70s. The technology has been used by chiropractors and physical therapists to accelerate recovery—and it’s all thanks to anions.

How fast does it work?
Results have shown that most people who experience muscle or joint discomfort and try an Incredibrace feel a difference in 20 minutes, and sometimes sooner! Incredibraces have helped those with discomfort from sprains, arthritis, inflammation, cramps, and fatigue. Incredibrace wearers have reported a reduction in discomfort and an enhanced range of motion while walking, working, running, biking, dancing, competing in martial arts, lifting weights and even sleeping.

Do the socks work the same way?
Yes. The socks are also made from carbonized charcoal, and some have a mix of germanium in them. As your body heats the sock, it releases the therapeutic anions, resulting in increased circulation. Each garment is laser Doppler studied showing up to 17% increase in blood flow and blood speed. Increase blood flow can result in accelerated performance and recovery!

Is there anything else I should know?
The enhanced circulation results in more oxygen being supplied to local tissues. This, combined with the increase in blood flow, allows your body to regulate your temperature much easier, keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather, and even warm when the socks get wet! The natural fibers are antimicrobial and odor absorbing.

What does Germanium do?
Organic germanium is the subject of Dr. Asai’s book ‘Miracle Cure – Organic Germanium’—and for good reason. Germanium helps supply oxygen. Dr. Asai mentions that cells which are deficient in oxygen, in order to survive, begin glycolysis and turn anaerobic, meaning they no longer efficiently use oxygen. There are many factors which can lead to a reduced amount of oxygen in the blood including air pollution, food pollution, and the effects of stress. Dr. Asai states that germanium fuels a mechanism called the dehydrogenating reaction, which combines oxygen with hydrogen and supports cellular defenses

Increased blood flow and oxygen
Wick away moisture
Regulate temperature
Reduce swelling
Reduce pain
Supports improved range of motion
Accelerate muscle recovery with increase blood flow

Physical Properties:
High comfort 200 thread count (socks) 360 thread count (braces)
One-of-a-kind medical design
Patented technology
Quality 3D weave design
Anion emitting thread (braces)
Carbonized charcoal germanium thread (braces)


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