New York Pro…In New Jersey?


This year’s New York Pro was held on a Sunday, which is rather unusual since bodybuilding events characteristically take place on a Friday or Saturday. Another odd feature about the date selected for the New York Pro was that it coincided with Mother’s Day. I can’t imagine trying to tell my mother that I couldn’t come out to see her on Mother’s Day because I had to compete on that day! At any rate, there was a great turnout for this event:

11 Men’s Bodybuilding competitors
11 Men’s 212 competitors
44 Men’s Physique competitors
32 Women’s Physique competitors
34 Figure competitors
22 Bikini competitors

I find it odd that the New York Pro was moved to Teaneck, New Jersey this year. I have nothing whatsoever against Teaneck, because I won my Pro Card there, but it makes no sense to keep calling this event the New York Pro if it no longer takes place in New York.

Regardless of the name and location of this highly respected bodybuilding event, some very worthy competitors won titles and Olympia qualifications for 2015:

Men’s Bodybuilding: Juan Morel
Men’s 212: Guy Cisterino, Jr.
Men’s Physique: George Brown
Women’s Physique: Michelle Cummings
Figure: Latorya Watts
Bikini: India Paulino

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