Evil Things In My Fridge

One of the casualties of hosting holiday events is that I always find myself saddled with a plethora of desserts which are difficult to resist. For example, I still have homemade fudge, vegan brownies, and vegan banana bread sitting in my fridge which I cannot throw in the trash, because I know all too well how delicious they are. The strange thing is that I have only a small quantity of savory leftovers from Thanksgiving, so I never ran the risk of getting tired of eating turkey and stuffing. Years ago, I would have indulged in whatever leftovers remained without much consequence, but now that I am firmly entrenched in the fitness world, there is no possible way that I would risk unraveling my efforts to remain shoot ready year-round. I hope this proves to people that it is possible to have decadent desserts around without feeling the need to indulge in them. I am not saying that there is no temptation, but I try to ignore the fact that they are in my house. I have a photo shoot in five days and keep reminding myself that it is right around the corner!

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