In Search Of The Magic Pill

As a physician and fitness professional, I regularly evaluate people who want to lose weight and have often been asked if I can prescribe a weight loss aid such as phentermine, or place them on the HCG diet. I am staunchly opposed to medications and fad diets, and will never promote or prescribe them. Though I know that upsets some people, I refuse to compromise my strong beliefs and allow a patient or client to bully me.

Despite the fact that there is increasing awareness of proper nutrition, there are still plenty of people who make a habit of consuming foods which contain large amounts of fat, hidden sugar and salt, and preservatives.  Quite often the portions consumed at one sitting are so large that the body ends up in storage mode which can lead to weight gain.  By becoming aware of the value of nutrient-dense foods and re-patterning one’s eating habits so that such foods form the foundation of a daily meal plan, long-term weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight can be accomplished. 

However, the media pushes “quick fixes” by promoting severe caloric restriction and plans which are nutritionally unbalanced, thus creating a state of malnutrition.  Fad diets such as the HCG diet are NOT HEALTHY, plain and simple. I don’t care how many of you want to argue against that, I am digging my heels in on this one. Any diet which requires an interval of time in which 500 calories are consumed daily is just plain stupid. That is, unless you want to trigger massive rebound weight gain.

It doesn’t get much better when looking at the weight loss pills which are available either.  Many of those products can have deleterious adverse effects and should be taken with caution, if at all.  The only exception I make is with thermogenics, which, if used properly, can serve as an effective aid in weight loss. And what about raspberry ketones, L-carnitine, and CLA? They are all great for AIDING in weight loss, but none of those supplements alone can melt away fat or offset a piss-poor diet.

The best “magic pill” doesn’t even exist. So I suggest you take a more realistic view of your daily habits and commit yourself to CHANGING THEM if they are unhealthy. Throw out processed foods, sugar, and avoid drinking alcohol on a daily basis. Pack your kitchen with nutrient-dense foods, drink plenty of water, don’t skip meals, and get plenty of sleep.


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