Why Bikinis Are So Threatening To Women

black bikinia

Men have it pretty easy when it comes to pool and beach attire. All they have to do is throw on a pair of swim trunks or board shorts, and they can hide underdeveloped quads or a case of no-ass-at-all without too much effort. Yes, men must display their chests and backs, but at least they don’t have to expose a wide expanse of skin during the summer.

It’s a completely different story with women. A standard bikini covers the strategic parts of a woman and, barring a wardrobe malfunction from a rogue wave or bold body movement, honors the rules of public decency. There are other bikinis, known as micro bikinis (they are also often referred to as dental floss bikinis), which leave very little to the imagination, and which only the most daring of women tend to wear. But let’s get back to the standard bikini, shall we?

A bikini still reveals everything about a woman’s shape, so she can’t hide any flaws. Unlike swim trunks which are loose enough to cover the groin, butt and thighs, a bikini nestles into all of a woman’s nooks and crannies and puts her entire body on full display. No wonder men are fans of bikini season! As if that isn’t enough, modern society has shamed women’s bodies for many decades and has enforced an ideal bikini body type which is intimidating to say the least. How many women can boast physiques which rival those of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models? That’s a lot of pressure. As a response to the newer perspective on women’s body image, Sports Illustrated boldly featured a plus size model on their 2016 Swimsuit issue, which ostensibly created controversy.


2016 SI Swimsuit

I understand the threat of wearing a bikini, because it doesn’t hide extra winter fluff, pregnancy battle scars, or lack of exercise. But I honestly don’t think a woman should EVER feel ashamed of her body, whether she is in shape or not. There are so many flattering suit cuts available these days that women of all shapes and sizes can find something that fits her particular proportions the best and makes her feel confident and great.

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