Men Going Commando

men commando

There are brave men out there who prefer to allow their twigs and berries to sway freely, without the confines of briefs. Fans of the commando lifestyle say it is more comfortable and completely liberating, but the underwear-clad crowd may argue that it is not very sanitary or dignified. In defense of the unencumbered male, the practice of abandoning underwear can offer a number of benefits.

Some men are prone to intertriginous dermatitis, aka jock itch, and can often benefit greatly from ditching their drawers. Jock itch occurs when the skin undergoes friction, and is intensified by heat, humidity, and excess weight. Severe cases of jock itch actually produce a musty odor, and can become infected by fungi and bacteria. The general recommendation for those who suffer from this condition is to keep the area cool and dry, which is best achieved by using powder and wearing cotton underwear. Since the testicles tend to become sweaty when snug fitting clothing is worn, those most susceptible to jock itch might want to consider omitting the briefs altogether.

Another significant medical issue which benefits from banishing the briefs is fertility. Men who have low sperm count should avoid wearing tight pants and underwear, opting for looser designs which will result in a cooler scrotum. This is one scenario in which going commando on a regular basis could make the difference between being childless and continuing the family name.

What if you don’t have a medical issue, but just want to experience the thrill of banishing your bloomers? The times have certainly changed, and now celebrities like Justin Bieber are being caught sans briefs. In addition, Kimberly Clarke’s Cottonelle brand is now encouraging real people in their television ads to strip off their skivvies in celebration of having clean rear ends. Now that it is summer, you might want to explore going commando and try to catch an extra breeze down south as a result. No one will ever know!

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