Healthy Substitutions – A Good Start For Beginners

Healthy SubstitutionsI think this chart is a decent one.  However, these substitutions should serve as the BEGINNING of a full lifestyle overhaul.  Many of the substitutions listed here are not considered healthy enough for the long term, such as the small order of fast food fries.  If you are ordering fries three days a week, substituting a large order with a small one is NOT a truly healthy change.  As far as I am concerned, fries should be avoided with the exception of the RARE indulgence.  As an example, I am a huge fan of french fries and have absolutely no self-control around them.  Because of this, I only allow myself to eat french fries a couple of times per YEAR.

I am also not a huge fan of most dairy products (Greek yogurt excluded) because of the way such products are processed.  So a substitution with nonfat milk is not the best over the long haul.

The key with following the suggestions in this chart is to move in a progressively health-conscious direction so that it becomes easier over time to adopt truly healthy habits.

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