Maybe I AM A Vampire…

I have spent my entire adult life never looking like my chronological age, so I am accustomed to people scratching their heads when I reveal my age. When I was 20, I could pass for a teenager, and when I was 30, people thought I was 20 or 21. As the number of years I logged began to creep up more, I noticed slight shifts and changes, such as the loss of the very full cheeks and deep dimples I had when I was younger (the dimples are still there, just not as deep). Yet my appearance still belied my age, and for that I am truly grateful.
Me at 18
What blows my mind is that people now regularly guess my age to be roughly 15 years less than what it actually is. Does this mean I am looking younger as I age? Since we are our own worst critics, I will admit that I see the skin sagging and annoying grey hairs that no one else really seems to notice or pay attention to, so my perception is that I am aging just fine. But then I get a glimpse of what other people might see when I am perusing images from a recent photo shoot. When I look at my face, I don’t have the furrowed lines and flaccid skin that I often see in patients, many of whom are younger than me. Yes, I have had a touch of filler, but not a lot. I don’t undergo any intense skin treatments, nor do I take any super supplements. When I use topical skincare products, they are usually pretty basic, with my current lineup consisting of Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid/zinc serum, and a light oil-free moisturizer. I don’t slather any exotic creams on my face, and I certainly have never had any type of facial surgery.Me at 31

I have reviewed images from several years ago when I began competing versus now, and I honestly think I look even younger now. I work out like a beast regularly and do not slack on my routine. I eat clean meals which are balanced and chock full of alkalinizing vegetables and fruits. In addition, I take lots of natural supplements on a daily basis to optimize my nutrition and gain the protective effects of the substances in my regimen.

I have great genetic stock from my Japanese mother and a Hungarian father, so who knows? Maybe there IS vampire blood in me!

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