I’d Rather Have Genuine Followers…


It is astounding to me how many people will try to cheat the social media system in place these days by buying followers. A few of my friends have jumped on the follower-purchasing bandwagon, and though I understand to some extent why such a practice is appealing to them, I honestly believe it is cheating. I have seen Instagram profiles grow literally overnight (examples are: from 12k followers to 26k, or from 2,700 to 88k), and the number of likes on images grow (more examples: from 45 to 1,200, from 300 to 8,000). Sorry, but I call bullshit on every single individual whose profile has a sudden surge without any valid reason for it. It’s all so obvious!

Furthermore, followers who are purchased are typically not interested in what a person has to sell, and are only interested in a follow-for-follow, like-for-like benefit. For those of you who are guilty of purchasing followers, I will be blunt and tell you that your group of fair-weather followers is as ephemeral as the Sahara wind. So if you insist on building a phony world for yourself, by all means, have fun with that. But you will lose genuine followers in a heartbeat. I just won’t play into that game of illusion.

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