“I’m Bloated!” – Cures For Premenstrual Bloating (REPOST)

belly bloatMany women suffer from premenstrual bloating, but most don’t know that there are specific foods and supplements which can treat it. Since many women experience bloating right before that special time of the month, I am listing the supplements and foods which I recommend to ease the water retention which can occur right before your period.


1. Dandelion root – Try 3 capsules, three times daily for 3 to 4 days before your period to create a diuretic effect in your body.
2. Magnesium 400 mg – Take this one to two times daily. If you get diarrhea, back down to one 400 mg dose towards bedtime.
3. Gamma linoleic acid 400 mg – one tablet daily.
4. Vitamin C 1,000 mg – Take one capsule two times per day.
5. Vitamin B6 150 mg – Take one capsule daily.


1. bananas
2. cranberry juice or extract
3. raisins
4. asparagus

If your schedule is regular and you frequently suffer from water retention before your period, you can incorporate the supplements and foods listed above a few days before you expect your period.

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