The Fire Monkey Is Coming, And I Am Ready For Him!


Monday, February 8th marks the year of the Fire Monkey. Depending on your Chinese astrological sign, the year of the Fire Monkey may be great, so-so, or negative. According to George Tang’s Chinese Astrology site, 2016 looks like it will be a relatively good year for this Fire Horse…

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2016 is the Year of Red Monkey. You were born in the Year of Horse. The following is the Red Monkey year prediction for people born in year of Horse.

Horse individuals can be extremely confident in 2016, my Chinese Horse horoscope 2016 astrology foretells, since everything they want is achievable in this Fire Monkey year. There should be many opportunities for success and hard work will not be wasted. There might be great obstacles to face, but they will be feeling very strong, both physically and mentally. They will be at their most charming and there is a strong sense that things will go their way.

As well as the chance to develop and expand in their careers and finances, such folk should also think about adding to their families. These characters will make remarkable strides in life this year since they may well be very clear about their objectives. 2016 will see excellent progress in new business ventures undertaken. They will be optimistic and they will shine. Everyone around them will benefit from their positivity. Friends will be drawn to these people in 2016 simply because of the “feel good factor” they cast around them.

For those Horse men and women in relationships, it looks like a year to share and enjoy times together, although the Horse characters must learn more respect the opinions of their spouses.

My Chinese horoscope suggests to me that both genders of this sign who are single will find love in 2016 providing they look for love in new places. Such individuals are naturals when it comes to romance and they will attract a fair amount of interest in the Fire Monkey cycle.

If Ma (Horse) folk are in relationships that are not working, then Chinese horoscope year 2016 is an excellent year to move on. The personal magnetism should be at its strongest in the spring months. By the summer months, Horse men and women will have found new romantic interests. Love will be very romantic and passionate for these people in 2016.

Being adored by others will help to build up the emotional strength of these folks and by October, they will be at their strongest and best. This is an excellent time to think about having a new baby for the birth of a child will serve to further strengthen personal relationships.

2016 is a wonderful horoscope year for the career of Horse characters, they are lucky. Anything they embark on this year has the potential for big success. Businessmen should try to maintain cordial relationships with their associates and partners. By May, they should not hesitate to take up new and exciting projects. The Monkey lunar period will enable them to enter into fresh partnerships and successfully expand their business activities.

As the year progresses professionals will have more clarity on their objectives and will take the right steps to meet their targets.

There could be lots of social interaction with people who will admire the thinking of the Horse. Although there could be some minor resistance to these folks ought to be able to win over people with their intellectual arguments. Thy will find that major co-operation will take place and the workplace will be extremely harmonious. There could be delays caused by technical problems, but Horse folk should remain steadfast since things will work out in their favour. This sign’s men and women are not inclined to make rash decisions anyway and by taking the time to reach solutions the way ahead for them will be on solid ground.

If Horse men and women have any debts, then 2016 zodiac period should be a good year to settle them. It is an excellent time for finding new ways to earn money. It will also be a time when people should be able to save. They could be surprised at how quickly they are able to accumulate cash. There could be some longer-term investments that will be of interest to them and ones that will bring in exceptionally good returns.

Chinese 2016 Horse Horoscope Closing Views

My Chinese astrology predictions foretell that Ma folk could be interested in investing in property development, either by making it more beautiful or by extending or changing the existing space.

The homes of people will increase in value substantially after home improvements are made and if they do decide to move house, they will make excellent choices in terms of location and good value for money.

The emotional health of the Horse individual will improve as their self-confidence increases this zodiac year. Physically there could be minor problems in the muscular system. Energy levels will increase considerably after June. These individuals will have plenty of stamina and will feel able to achieve just about anything they want as The Monkey cycle passes.

The zodiac Ma person should avoid over-indulgence in rich foods. If your hyperactivity can be controlled you will stay strong and find good solutions to most problems. Such individuals are naturally psychic and will find their psychic strength peaks in the late autumn months of 2016.

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