Get Off The Hamster Wheel

hamster-wheelThere isn’t a single person I have interacted with lately who has been able to enjoy a respite from the frenetic life pace which seems prevalent. Honestly, EVERYONE seems to be frazzled, running from place to place, trying to get massive amounts of work done in a limited amount of time. After a while, the days seem to blend into one another and we may feel like we are running in an endless circle, very much like a hamster on a wheel. I know that feeling well and always think that I can somehow catch up. Alas, I never do. Yet the next day I start up again, hoping to finally catch up on every project, all the while knowing that it won’t happen.

What may send ripples of anxiety through people is the concept of stepping off the hamster wheel on a regular basis. I can already hear people saying, “What??? Don’t you know how much stuff I have to get done today?” Let’s be honest: there will ALWAYS be something on the to-do list that we feel must be done. But when we allow ourselves to take a break from the constant movement, we can finally be present and cause our weary bodies, minds and spirits to reset. When this reset occurs, we can tackle projects and work with renewed vigor. And though some of us may not believe this, taking a break will not result in a collapse of all that we have worked on. The work will be there when we are ready to return to it.

You may be asking if I practice this regularly, and I have to admit that it doesn’t happen nearly as much as I would like. But at least now I realize that the coach won’t turn into a pumpkin if I take a little break from the fast paced life I lead, even if the break is longer than a few minutes. Getting off the wheel also opens you up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities so that you can reach goals more effectively. Physiologically, it gives your overtaxed adrenal glands, cardiovascular system and thyroid a rest too, not to mention your nervous system, gut, etc. So give yourself a break!

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