Supplements I Won’t Live Without

If you saw the piles of supplements I take each day, you would probably gag.  But I am very consistent about taking each supplement and have felt the difference when I have had to go without something for a day.  When I integrated each supplement into my regimen, I made sure to add only one supplement at a time in order to determine my tolerance for each one.  It was by doing this that I was able to determine that I could not tolerate chondroitin, so I switched my glucosamine formula to one that had MSM instead.

Here is a list of supplements which I take on a daily basis, along with some of their associated benefits:

  • multivitamin/multimineral – numerous benefits
  • fish oil – healthy fat source, protective to cell membranes
  • flaxseed oil – healthy fat source, protective to cell membranes
  • biotin 5000 mcg – healthy hair and nails, regulation of blood glucose
  • B-complex – supports memory, combats effects of stress
  • DIM-Plus – supports healthy estrogen metabolism
  • collagen – some benefit in joints
  • cranberry extract – urinary tract health
  • zinc 50 mg – general cell health
  • li>

  • ALA 300 mg (twice daily) – regulation of blood glucose, optimizes carbohydrate consumption
  • phosphatidylserine complex 200 mg – adrenal support
  • glutamine 12 grams in divided doses per day – muscle building support
  • digestive enzymes (three times daily) – digestive support

By no means am I suggesting that you take what I take.  I just get lots of questions about what supplements are part of my regular regimen.  If you decide to take any supplement, make sure it does not interfere with any medical conditions you have or interact with any medications you may currently be taking.  Also be aware that some products have ingredients which may cause allergic reactions.

If you decide to start taking certain supplements, add each one in ONE AT A TIME and give it a couple of weeks to determine your level of tolerance.

  • vitamin C 1000 mg – immunity, antioxidant, lowers blood pressure, diuretic effect
  • calcium 500 mg (three times daily) – bone health
  • DHEA 10 mg – adrenal support
  • folic acid 800 mcg – lowers blood pressure
  • CoQ10 100 mg – cardiovascular support
  • curcumin 300 mg – anti-inflammatory
  • glucosamine/MSM – joint support
  • branched chain amino acids – muscle building support
  • 7-keto 50 mg – thermogenesis
  • GABA 750 mg – memory support
  • CLA 1250 mg (three times daily) – optimization of fat metabolism</
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