Maud’s Of Beverly Hills Lash Extensions

Mauds lashes

I was fortunate enough to have full eyelash extensions applied on January 20th, and I absolutely LOVE them! Though I have great hair and skin, my eyelashes have always been skimpy. Latisse has created some magic with my eyelashes, but I haven’t used that product in over a year, so my lashes reverted to their sad state.

When I visited Maud’s Of Beverly Hills, I was warmly greeted by the proprietor, Victoria. The salon was clean, elegant, and I felt instantly comfortable. I filled out some paperwork, sipped a lovely cup of coffee which Victoria offered to me, then was led into the treatment room, where I met the talented lash technician Jennifer. Jennifer then spent about an hour and a half applying faux mink lashes to my natural lashes. She measured my lashes, which were 9 millimeters, then stated that the usual extension length is 3 millimeters more than the client’s natural length. I explained to her that I wanted something more dramatic, so we settled on a 14 millimeter length.

It was wonderful when I saw the reveal, super lush lashes which looked like I was wearing false lashes. Lovely!

This treatment is the ultimate in lash extensions! Don’t settle for less expensive lash extensions which cause your lashes to fall out prematurely. Spend a bit more for true quality. You will love the results!

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