My Hair Care Routine

Corrected Stacey bikini LHGFX

I get a lot of questions about my hair, so I am using this post to provide information about my hair and how I take care of it.

Q: Is that ALL your hair?
A: Yes, every bit of it. I have NO extensions. There was only one time I ever had extensions in my hair, and it was for a video and photo shoot I did in the summer of 2014:

Q: Is your hair more Japanese in texture, or more Caucasian?
A: I have mutt hair, with some blonde strands, but the overall texture of my hair pulls more to my Japanese heritage, a darker brown, thick, and relatively shiny. I have very little hair loss when I brush my hair, and am very thankful for that! My hair is even thicker in my forties than it was when I was younger, a trait which I attribute to a high protein diet and biotin supplements.

Q: I see some red highlights in your hair. Are those natural?
A: I naturally have a lot of red in my hair, but I try to tone it down because when I go out in the sun too much, the natural reds in my hair begin to look very brassy. I really don’t like that look at all. When I was a kid, my hair was very red, and I almost looked like a carrot-top!

Q: Do you have grey hairs?
A: I definitely have some grey hair, and started getting them when I was 33 years old. So I have to cover them with root touch-up every couple of weeks. I am a long way from being completely grey, but I am fighting every last grey hair kicking and screaming!

Q: How often do you wash your hair?
A: I wash my hair twice a week, using shampoo and conditioner by Pureology. I towel dry my hair, then let it air dry. I spent about a year blow drying and flat ironing it because my hair suddenly got very wavy, and I really couldn’t stand it! However, the texture once again is changing, and has almost completely reverted back to its natural straight state, so I pretty much just leave it alone. Once my hair is almost completely dry, I apply about a quarter-sized dollop of hair oil to the ends and distribute.

Q: Do you use any special hair treatments?
A: If time allows, I will do a ten minute hair mask once a week or so.

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