Most people think of gum, candy, or toothpaste when mint is mentioned, but this plant is actually quite versatile, and can add great flavor to a beverage or dish. Mint plants also have a strong antioxidant known as rosmarinic acid, which can be effective in alleviating the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Mint can soothe indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome, and its anti-inflammatory properties can provide some pain relief. Mint oil can also calm and soothe skin which has reacted to insect bites or other skin insults. Many of you are also aware that the menthol which is found in mint serves as a natural decongestant, a wonderful feature when you are struggling with the symptoms of a cold.

One of my favorite ways to drink water is to add mint leaves and sliced lime for a refreshing, tasty, and calorie free beverage. Fortunately, I live near a grocery store which sells huge bunches of mint leaves for a very reasonable price. That means I can have mint with my water every day if I want, without incurring a huge expense on the herb. For those of you who don’t want to buy mint leaves at the store, you can grow mint plants pretty easily in a pot near a windowsill.

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