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I have dimples which have been etched into my face since infancy. I am so grateful that they haven’t disappeared over the years, and appreciate the character they add to my face, but they were definitely deeper when I was younger and had fuller cheeks.

Whenever I see dimples on someone’s face, I consider them blessed because dimples are considered a marker of youth. You might be wondering why some people have dimples, while others don’t. There are a couple of theories which are used to explain the dimple phenomenon. One theory states that splits in the underlying muscle create dimples in the soft tissue, while another theory states that the zygomaticus major muscle in people with dimples is shorter than normal, which pulls on the skin when they smile and forms the characteristic indentation known as a dimple. Whatever the explanation, this little defect is quite sought after, prompting some people to undergo surgery to have dimples made. Though I don’t know anyone who has had such a surgery, evidently there are people who will go under the knife to have dimples created for them by a surgeon.


Dimples are definitely CUTE. They tend to soften a face and make it more attractive. They are more prominent when someone smiles, so they are naturally associated with happy energy. Some Asian cultures even consider dimples a sign of good luck!

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