What A Life Coach Does


Over the past year I have learned a great deal about what it means to be a life coach and how a life coach can and should impact a client’s life. Life coaches may help clients effect positive change in various areas of their lives, such as relationships, career/job, time management, and home organization. The end result of a successful life coach/client interaction is an enhanced quality of life and more balance. Life coaches are completely invested in advocating the client and helping to reach goals. Most of the time the life coach will assist the client in determining what those goals are, because clients often have no idea what they truly want until they dig deep into themselves.

Some individuals can get so bogged down with the stress in their lives that they practice circular reasoning which blocks them from taking things to the next level and pursuing goals. They become complacent, hesitant, and procrastinate on projects and goal setting. Life coaches get the wheels turning again. Life coaches hold their clients accountable and know how to encourage personal growth by challenging set patterns which have held clients back from being successful in the past at reaching goals. This doesn’t mean that the life coach tells the client what to do. Instead, life coaches will guide their clients in such a way that a shift in behavior occurs organically. As a result of this organic shift, clients arrive at their own decisions which in turn empower them as they pursue the goals they have defined through their life coaching sessions.

I have recently added life coach to my list of services and enjoy working with the clients who have enlisted my help. If you are interested in life coaching services with me, please visit http://www.staceynaito.com and send a message through the contact form there.

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