Most Hot Women DON’T Go Out And Party All The Time

legggggsI am sure there are plenty of hot women who enjoy going out for a night on the town almost every night. I am also sure that in all of these cases, these young ladies are riding on a fast train to nowhere because all they do is waste their time and energy hitting the social scene to inflate their following on social media, stroking their tender egos and taking advantage of affluent men who are lusting after them.

Those aren’t the gals I am talking about.

There are TONS of hot women of all ages out there who thankfully have the common sense to realize how much more valuable their minds are, who are genuine and who aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and working diligently to achieve their own goals. These are the women I am referring to, and I am fortunate enough to call many of these women my friends. What may surprise you is that many of my fellow hot gal pals don’t frequent nightclubs or have a full dating rotation in place. Like me, many of them would rather stay at home and work on their projects than to go to a bar or nightclub and engage in alcohol consumption and small talk with people they really aren’t interested in.

For those of you who might think that I go out on the weekends, let me bust that myth. A night out for me is a very rare event indeed, and it isn’t because I have agoraphobia or don’t like seeing my friends. Most of the time, I have a ton of work to do in the evenings, such as developing blog posts like this one, writing up client plans, researching articles which I submit to numerous sites, etc. There are times when I would like to go out and do something fun like go to the movie theater, grab a cheat meal, or visit a friend, but my weekends are not characterized by wearing a snug minidress and towering heels and making an idiot out of myself in public. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but that is NOT my idea of a good time.

The problem with being a smart, aware, genuine hot woman is that sometimes she is seen as TOO good of a catch, so men avoid asking her out. Many of my beautiful female friends fit this description, and a few of them complain about it. Another issue with being a gorgeous woman who is accessible through social media channels is that the creeps tend to surface, often becoming the only guys who ask these ladies out. Often the propositions aren’t for true dates, but are for hookups, fetish fulfillment and other bizarre requests. It is sad to see how much disrespect beautiful women deal with, and it is no wonder that many women bury themselves in their work to avoid such distressing situations.

Chances are that you won’t see a bunch of “out on the town slut” pics on a woman’s social media profile if she is a woman of substance. Even if you see hot modeling photos on a woman’s profile, that shouldn’t be interpreted as an invitation to be a creep and disrespect her. NO female should ever have to deal with the derogatory comments and attitude which lesser evolved males seem to get great pleasure out of displaying. I honestly worry about the girls who foolishly ride the party wave, because once that ocean dries up, they will not have any foundation upon which to build a secure life. Also, chronic drinking and sleep deprivation ages these poor gals so that they end up looking like they were dragged down the street. In the meantime, my empowered and beautiful friends and I will enjoy the fruits of our intellectual efforts while aging gracefully.

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