Princess And The Pea

I have a bit of the princess and the pea in me, in which I notice small granules in my socks, sharp edges on clothing tags, and strands of hair hanging from my workout shorts. Repetitive noises or hums may grate on my nerves, and I can pick up on back beats in songs that many people are unaware of until I point them out. I also have a keen sense of smell and can detect odors when many others cannot. It seems sort of odd that I am built this way, because I am a very low maintenance person, but my senses of touch, sound and smell are amplified, the most heightened of which is touch.

My mom told me that when I was a baby, I could not stand the feeling of dirt, asphalt or sand on my bare feet, and would refuse to tread on those surfaces. I got over my displeasure over the sensation when walking on sand, but I am still bothered by walking barefoot on soil or asphalt and avoid doing so as much as possible. When I return home from photo shoots in which I have to climb on rocks or stand barefoot, I will usually wash my feet in the sink before stepping into the shower, because the combination of dirty feet and standing in a shower stall with the grit compressed from weight bearing is very uncomfortable for me.

I usually avoid tight waistbands because I cannot stand the feeling of elastic around my waist or hips. I was thrilled when low rise bottoms and yoga pants became popular, because they eliminated the issue of elastic constricting my midsection. What is strange is that I can tolerate the extremely compressive effects of corsets and waist trimmer belts, but I think this is mostly the result of my willingness to suffer for the sake of whittling my waistline.

My skin is very sensitive to anything sticky or which leaves a film, so I avoid any creams, lotions, gels or serums that leave a tacky consistency. Since I often try new skincare products, I am frequently exposed to formulations which are sticky and which I must remove from my skin immediately. Even one dot of product can bother me if it is sticky or if it dries and has a pulling effect on my skin. It’s like Chinese water torture for me.

As long as I make my adjustments quietly, I see no issue with being so sensitive to tactile insults. If there is an issue with dirty feet, sticky skin or a granule in my shoe, I try to take care of it before it riles me up.

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