Benefits Of Threading

I had gotten my brows waxed for a number of years and enjoyed the fact that it was a quick process. I was lucky enough to find a handful of competent waxing professionals who knew how to do the job without butchering my natural brow line. However, about a year ago I noticed that I had some irritation and swelling right after waxing, and assumed that it was from the astringent which was used to clean off the oil. Then a few months after that, when I had switched over to a new place, I developed a reaction to the aloe vera which was applied. Finally, I broke out into a rash from the wax itself, which prompted me to seek out threading. Luckily, there was a threading place in the mall, so I decided to check it out a couple of months ago.Threading

Threading is an excellent choice for people who develop skin irritation to waxing since there are no substances or chemicals applied to the skin. There is no risk of breakouts, burns or skin removal that can occur with waxing either. No uncomfortable “growing out” period is necessary because threading removes the shortest of hairs. However, it is pretty uncomfortable in some areas, and because it takes longer to do, the discomfort is prolonged. Threading appears to be more precise and large areas can be cleared quite easily (such as at the temples). The technique consists of using cotton or polyester thread which is doubled and twisted tight, then rolled over the treated areas to pluck out unwanted hairs. It is fascinating to watch these ladies move their hands with a twisting flourish, rolling over the skin and plucking out hairs quickly and efficiently. I also love the fact that there is no sticky residue left on the skin as with waxing.

If you haven’t checked out threading and are already able to tolerate the discomfort of waxing, I encourage you to check it out! Brows, cheeks, upper lips, chins, foreheads, necks, hands and fingers can be treated with this technique.

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